Update on deliveries

Although we have offered a delivery service since we opened during the first covid lockdown, we have found it increasingly difficult to manage both the restaurant & deliveries since covid restrictions have lifted as well as our little business growing in popularity.

For the past few weeks we have actually been losing money on the delivery side of things as we pay our driver to sit waiting for the few deliveries that we have been able to slot in around the busy restaurant orders. Once we have paid the driver wages & petrol plus the Just Eat fee’s we are rarely breaking even on the delivery side of things or sweating a lot for very little in return, which unfortunately doesn’t pay the wages. We have been really trying to keep it going as we do really care about our regulars getting their fix! It has been a bit emotional even considering stopping deliveries.

We have also had to turn restaurant customers away to keep on top of all the orders & created long waiting times both for inside diners & delivery customers whilst trying to juggle the 2. Often there would be one member of staff taking a delivery order over the phone, while another staff member is accepting orders from the Just Eat terminal whilst tables in the restaurant suddenly fill up all at the same time, eeeeeek! Our small kitchen area & 2 owner chefs can only produce a certain amount of fresh to order food at any given time so we hope you understand our limits and the need to enjoy the process as stress free as possible!

We have therefore had no choice but to limit our delivery service to Wednesdays & Thursdays only for the time being. You can still call to arrange a collection.

We would prefer you to call us directly as we can be more transparent about delivery times and make sure you are happy, as well as save you money on delivery charges and us on fee’s paid to Just Eat. Win Win! Although we are currently on Just Eat we often have it switched off if we are busy, but please do call if this is the case as we may well be able to slot you in! We will be slowly moving away from the delivery app altogether and setting up our own direct method for ordering deliveries so please don’t think it’s goodbye if you don’t see us on the app, give us a call!

Let’s not forget that we are based on the seafront between the pier & the Dome, and it’s summertime.. need we say more?

We will be reviewing the delivery situation when the summer season ends (most of our seating is outside & the seafront isn’t the most inviting of places on a wet, cold & windy day!) So if you have been visiting us over the summer but go into hibernation mode in the winter, fear not, stay in your pj’s, we can probably come to you! Vice Versa, if you are a regular delivery customer then why not pop along and see us instead, we would love to meet you in person ❤️

We thank you for your understanding & patience at this time.

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